Discover How Chocolates can Heighten Sexual Pleasure

Does your sex life scream for chocolates? Forget roses and fancy dinners and infuse some chocolate goodness to your romantic date.

Studies show that eating chocolate can lead to higher levels of arousal, sexual desire and pleasure.

Based on research, females that consume at least one portion of chocolate a day get to experience heightened libido and more intense sexual function compared to those who don’t indulge.

Eating chocolates is comparable to having sex. Chocolates contain endorphins which is the same hormone produced by the body during sex.

Adding up to the versatility of chocolates is its endorphin-releasing properties that make it a potent aphrodisiac for men as well.

Chocolates contain phenylethylamine (PEA) which is a compound that releases the same endorphins that fill our bodies during sexual activities.

These powerful sex hormones magnify feelings of attraction between two people and strengthen sexual bond between couples.

Trivia: Endorphins are mood-boosters than promote vitality, sexual appetite, erotic drive and sexual stamina.

And even though the amount of PEA absorbed by the body from eating chocolates is mild and momentary, one thing is certain.

Indulging on some chocolate feels good and is enough to make anyone happy.

Furthermore, sharing it with your partner doubles the pleasure and heightens the excitement.

Chocolates are potent aphrodisiacs that can help increase sex drive among both men and women.

Ways to Intensify Sex with Chocolates

Here are some tricks that can help you experience the powers of chocolate when making love with your partner.

Play with it

A sexy game involving chocolates can get you and your partner in the mood for sex.

Put a small piece of chocolate in your erogenous zone as you play games with your partner. Allow your partner to take the chocolate from your body using his/her mouth.

Sensual Massage

Chocolate comes in various forms such as edible sex toys and edible chocolate-flavored body oil.

Add a delicious twist to your sensual massage using anything that’s chocolate-scented.

Subtle scents are available in the form of cocoa-vanilla essential oils and chocolate-flavored body oils.

The chocolate scent can trigger the release of endorphins and the arousing chocolate taste can take your erotic drive to the next level.

There are commercially-available chocolate-flavored sex toys, lubricants and edible massage oils in the market. This proves that chocolate is indeed a popular form of sex enhancer.

Melted chocolate

Put some melted chocolate in areas where you want your partner to kiss you. You can incorporate this in a game as you wish.

Otherwise, use melted chocolate to fuel up your foreplay.

Chocolate doesn’t only taste good on your partner but can also help you experience stronger arousal in a pleasurable and delicious way.

Feeding game

How would like to blindfold your lover as you feed him/her different chocolate treats?

Add some wine or strawberries for a pleasurable mix. Also, a variety of textures and tastes can add up to the excitement.

Sexy moves like surprising licks, kisses and touches while your partner is blindfolded is enough to get him/her over the edge.

The mystery and anticipation that can gradually build up from this feeding game between bites can intensify the erotic experience.

It can stimulate your partner from taste buds all the way to the toes.

To make it even sexier, be creative in using your fingers, mouth and tongue to build up the excitement. Switch and take turns to achieve mutual pleasure.

Benefits of Chocolates for Sexual Health

  • Increases blood flow to sex organs
  • Elevates mood
  • Contributes to feelings of joy and pleasure
  • Promotes wellness
  • Effective energy booster
  • Promotes cardiovascular health when taken in moderation (cocoa nibs, dark chocolates and unsweetened chocolates)