Male Aphrodisiacs: Sexy Foods for Men to Boost Libido

Men value their masculinity and macho image. Their sexual performance and ability to pleasure their partner in bed is oftentimes seen as one way of boosting their male ego.

That is why up until this present time, males continue to search for natural methods of increasing their potency.

Understanding Male Reproductive Health

It should be understood that one effective means of enjoying sexual contact and reaching its peak is restoring mental balance and getting rid of stress.

It is likewise important to achieve wellness through physical activities that stimulate the production of endorphins.

Another way of boosting sexual desire and enhancing sex drive is by consuming aphrodisiacs or foods that increase libido.

Aphrodisiacs are known to boost reproductive function and amplify sexual desires among men.

According to science and some medical researches, there are several aphrodisiac foods for women and men that are known historically and were proven to heighten up sexual pleasure.

Some even reveal strong results because of their high nutritional content and value which are essential in maintaining a man’s reproductive health.

Herbs that Improve Male Sex Drive and Reproductive Health

Nowadays, male reproductive health can further be enhanced by consuming herbs that are scientifically-proven to boost sex drive and increase the production of sperm cells.

These herbs also help with mental performance and vitality. Here are the most common ones;

Tongkat Ali Extract

Tongkat Ali Extract is a powerful natural male aphrodisiac that helps boost sex drive and potency.

Research proves that it also increases male testosterone levels, ejaculatory capacity, sperm quality and count.

Some even believe that this herb has the power to increase the size of the male sex organ.

Tongkat Ali is a powerful herb that helps increase sperm count and quality. It also increases testosterone levels and ejaculatory power.


Maca is a well-known male aphrodisiac that grows in South America.

Experts believe that maca can naturally heighten a man’s sexual desire and likewise correct hormonal imbalances.

It has properties that promote vitality, wellness and youthful energy. It may not be proven to increase testosterone levels but it is effective in amplifying sex drive.

Maca is a popular aphrodisiac for men that also helps correct hormonal imbalances.

Other Popular Male Aphrodisiacs

For men, how would you like to boost your sex drive and performance?

Check out your pantry now to see if you have some of these popular aphrodisiacs that are also considered as household staple items.


Do you know that almonds carry the title “king of nuts”?

Almonds are rich in vitamin B2, vitamin E, calcium and protein than increase male potency and reinforce sexual functions.


Honey is one of the powerful generators of sexual vigor and energy.

Along with fruits like banana, apple, figs and strawberries, it helps in creating a handful of dishes that can get you in the mood for sex.


Asparagus is a natural drug that can help treat diseases affecting the prostate gland.

It contains asparagine which is a diuretic that promotes healthy urinary function and activity.

It’s vitamin A, calcium, potassium and phosphorus content also helps in powering up sex drive and sexual performance.


The vitamin A, non-essential fatty acids, protein and potassium found in avocados help in increasing man’s testosterone levels.

The synergistic action of these nutrients can bring about strong erotic desires and longer erection.

Avocado is a super food that is known to have aphrodisiac properties as well.


Indians believe that coconuts can increase sperm count and significantly helps in cleansing the urinary bladder that accounts to healthy male reproductive system.

The powerful combination of coconut milk and honey is a healthy beverage that improves digestive processes and boosts sexual appetite.


Arabs believe that dates have nutritional properties that purify the blood, boost male erection and increase the amount of semen in men.

Dates also promote sexual endurance, sexual energy and intense libido.