About Us

Hello readers and welcome to agroalimentaire-lr.com!

We are a group of food enthusiasts and dating experts that study the interconnection of love, sex and relationships with food.

We came up with agroalimentaire-lr.com to discuss aphrodisiacs and to share exciting ways to boost your sex life.

Our goal is to enlighten and encourage various individuals, whether in a relationship or not, to value the importance of nutrition in sexual and reproductive health.

Thus, we are revealing to you various foods, hacks, tips and tricks that can help spice up a rather dull and unexciting sex life.

You would be amazed with how much food plus a little creativity can revive your sexual interest and amplify your sex drive.

After all, everyone deserves pleasurable sexual encounters at the end of the day.

One of the goals of our team is to enlighten our readers about the importance of nutrition and healthy diet in reproductive and sexual health.

Meet Our Creative Team and Researchers


Tetchi is one of our writers who loves to research about food in all its forms including aphrodisiacs and healthy alternatives.

She’s an Asian girl who loves food and wine and a licensed physical therapist.

She sometimes deals with patients who are having difficulty with their sexual performance due to medical condition and injuries. Thus explains her fascination over aphrodisiacs and endorphins.


Angie is also one of our writers and researchers who also works as a nutrition consultant in one of the top hospitals in Miami.

She has prior experience in the same field back in her native country which is the Philippines before temporarily moving to Singapore.

She’s currently into culinary school and is incorporating aphrodisiacs into some of her recipes.

Matthew and Laura

Matt and Laura are dating specialists and relationship consultants. They have a career as motivational speakers, bloggers and therapists.

They are responsible for the data and resources that we use for our content.

With their extensive experience in couples’ therapy and dating behaviors, they provide the most inputs on topics about love, sex and relationships.

Both graduated with a degree in Psychology.


Finally, it’s me, Claire. I’m a sociologist whose fascination for food led to the study of aphrodisiacs and nutrition for sexual health.

I contribute to the main content and manage our email and social media accounts.

If you want to contribute to our website or if you have queries and concerns, kindly email our team at info@agroalimentaire.com.

We would be happy to feature your work.