Aphrodisiac Foods: All About Food That Affects Your Sex Drive and Stamina

Do you believe that food and love have strong correlation? Do you want to find out how food affects love, passion and sensuality?

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From love to affinity all the way to sex, food actually plays a vital role in affecting the moods and behaviors of couples.

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We are here to share with you just how sexy and lustful food can be.

Whether you’re married, in a relationship, single or just playing around, we can reveal to you how food can trigger passion, stimulate sex drive and satisfy your mood.

Join us as we uncover how food influences all types of romantic relationships and its importance in strengthening the bond and connection between couples.

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Science has proven that there is a strong connection between food and intimacy.

What Is an Aphrodisiac?

Aphrodisiac is from the Greek word “aphrodisios” which means “referring to Aphrodite” which is the ancient Greek goddess of love.

In historic as well as modern culture, the term “aphrodisiac” is a food substance or type of food that serves as a “love trigger”, “sex booster” or “libido enhancer”.

Such foods are believed to be “love drugs” that can actually increase one’s sex drive when taken.

Aphrodisiacs had been around for thousands of years already. They were known to promote fertility among both men and women who are about to enter marriage as well as newlyweds.

Based on ancient history, aphrodisiac foods also encourage couples who are going through difficult times to overcome their personal issues and find a way towards reconciliation.

Aphrodisiacs are known to increase fertility among both men and women and promote better sexual function.

Romantic Foods That Stimulate Passion

We always hear the term “aphrodisiac” when referring to specific food types that have libido-enhancing properties. Such foods can get you in the mood for passionate lovemaking or sex.

However, just because you are not married or in a relationship does not mean that you cannot benefit from aphrodisiacs.

In this age of online dating, adult Sex lines, adult video cams and casual hook ups, it becomes necessary to always stay on top of the game.

After all, being good at love-making and experiencing sexual pleasure are just some of life’s sweetest rewards.

And what better way to boost your game and amplify your sex drive than by eating nutritious foods, maintaining a healthy diet and having a dose or two of powerful aphrodisiacs.

An effective and healthy means of boosting your sex drive is by consuming foods that are proven to be aphrodisiacs or “sex boosters”.

Some of the most famous aphrodisiacs are nuts, watermelon, figs, asparagus, cheese, chilli peppers and garlic.

Aside from these household staples, there are also some foods that are historically known as romantic, sensual and passionate.

And as we reveal them to you now, you will never look at these foods the same way again.

Raw Oysters

Some studies suggest that oysters contain amino acids that may increase the production of the male sex hormone testosterone.

This male sex hormone actually fuels up a man’s sex drive and performance.

A lot of people believe that oysters have aphrodisiac properties. However, science and research has conflicting views about this.


Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, is believed to be the first one to plant a pomegranate tree. This made pomegranate a well-known aphrodisiac for thousands of years already.

Moreover, drinking pomegranate juice has been proven to increase the levels of testosterone for both males and females. The result is stronger and more intense sex drive.

Pomegranate helps in increasing the testosterone levels among both men and women and triggers sex drive.


Honey contains high levels of boron which directly affects the way human bodies utilize testosterone, estrogen and vitamin D. This proves its potency in enhancing sexual performance and libido.


Truffles may be rare in abundance. But their earthy and exotic nature proves that there’s more to their allure than their subtle scent and exquisite flavor.

Since the ancient times, they are seen as sex stimulants. As some aphrodisiac experts say, truffles can actually awaken the lustful and sexy side of every man and woman.


Strawberries are symbolically connected with love and romance. However, they are also scientifically proven to promote intimacy, passion and sex.

They are rich in vitamin C that increases blood flow and amplifies estrogen levels.

On top of all that, strawberries contain magnesium, zinc and potassium that contribute to healthy and higher levels of both male and female sex hormones.

Aphrodisiacs are foods that increase libido, promotes stronger erection for men and heightened sense of arousal among women. Aphrodisiac foods also boost sexual stamina.


Chocolate is popular for its mood-boosting properties. It is also rich in L-arginine which is an amino acid that naturally enhances sex drive and libido among both men and women.

Chocolates also increase the blood blow to the sex organs which results to increased sensitivity. This, in turn, leads to better sensation, stronger desire and more sexual satisfaction.

Food, Love and Science: Understanding the Connection

Studies prove that there is a link between food and love. This is due to the complex hormonal responses that affect our emotional attachments to the people we love plus the necessity for food.

During the early part of the relationship, the evolutionary changes in eating and appetite become significant to the romantic behavior.

Apparently, food plays a vital role in displaying your skills, character and personal taste to your lover.

The reason is that, in general, people in love have a tendency to buy nice and appealing food and prepare impressive meals that make up a romantic dinner.

This is part of making a good impression in order to create that perfect moment.

During the courtship stage and early part of the relationship, part of making a good impression is having nice and appealing food for romantic dates.

Needless to say, it’s captivating to know how food plays a vital role even at the start of a relationship and how it’s seen as an essential element that make up a romantic date.

How Food Enhances the Mood for Love, Romance and Sex

Dinner by a candlelight and soft music are mainstays for a romantic evening.

But are you aware that there are certain foods that could further enhance the experience and fuel up sexual desires?

These foods are historically known to have aphrodisiac properties, or as well all know, stimulates libido and triggers sex drive.

Whether you’re single, in a relationship or in marriage, you can benefit from aphrodisiacs one way or another.

This is particularly relevant if you’re sexually-active or you constantly reward yourself with pleasurable experiences.

Status: Married or In a Relationship

For those who have romantic partners, aphrodisiacs like almonds are known as symbols of fertility and their smell trigger amorous feelings among women.

Other aphrodisiacs that promote fertility and boost sex drive are honey, oysters, avocados and brie cheese.

Chocolates are one of the most well-known aphrodisiacs. The joy that comes from eating a chocolate is said to be comparable to sex.

Status: Single and Playing Around

For those who love to play around and pleasure themselves through hook ups, one-night stands, phone-sex free trials and adult sex cams, chocolate is an excellent aphrodisiac that can get you in the mood.

Aside from its pleasurable taste, chocolate contains phenylethylamine that fuels up feelings of excitement and elation that is often said to be “better than sex”.

Status: Married and Long-Term Relationship

And as for those whose relationship has reached a level of plateau or “comfort stage”, there are some foods that can help turn up the heat once again.

So if you want to rekindle the passion and boost your sex drive to keep the fire burning between you and your partner, there are some aphrodisiacs that we can suggest.

One of the “sexy foods” we can recommend is meat. Beef, chicken and pork contain carnitine and L-arginine that both increases blood flow to the body.

Uninterrupted blood flow is essential to sexual responses between both men and women.

Other aphrodisiacs we can suggest are; salmon, oysters, nuts and seeds, strawberries, apples and a glass of red wine.

Science proves that people who are in love and infatuated tend to lose their appetite. However, during the comfortable stage of the relationship, women start to gain more weight.

What Studies Reveal About Food and Relationship

Studies reveal that those who are newly in a romantic relationship tend not to eat too much.

Those who are having new infatuations or romances produce an overflowing amount of reward hormones such as norepinephrine.

These hormones are responsible for the feelings of elation, liveliness and enthusiasm. However, they are likewise responsible in suppressing appetite for some individuals who are in love.

But here’s the consequence, what goes up has a tendency to go down at a certain point. And this principle applies to love hormones as well.

Romantic bliss fade with time. Hot and intense sex can only last for too long. And after some time, when couples reach the “stage of familiarity”, the spark diminishes and the magic starts to fade.

Women may experience diminishing sex drive and might start to immerse themselves with something else like new hobbies or watching chick flicks.

Men, on the other hand, may find pleasure in going out with friends, getting busy with work, visiting erotic websites like phonesexchat.com and sex cams, and may even explore adult dating apps.

A certain study conducted by the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill reveals that married women doubles their tendency of becoming obese in comparison to their single counterparts.

Just the same, those who are living with their partner but not married have 63% chance of becoming obese or overweight than single women.

The same goes with men. Married men also have twice the tendency to become overweight or obese.

However, cohabiting men are not likely to gain weight and may retain their usual shape just like other single or unattached men.

Couples who are in a relationship and officially “out of the dating field” tend to give in to their cravings. The desire to eat more increases.

How Food Influences Romantic Couples

In conclusion, it is worth stating that once you decide to move in and live with your partner, you are technically out of the competition in the dating dating scene.

This implies that you may have less motivation to maintain your figure or be in your best shape.

In addition to that, your daily life and routine may start to revolve around the instant gratification brought about by food.

Being officially out of the dating field entitles you to satisfy your cravings more.

And as a couple, you may perhaps find it more pleasurable and practical to just stay at home and get warm and homey with some food while lying on the couch and watching movies.

Romantic dinners with nice table set-up up and extravagant food and wine becomes a thing of the past as you get comfortable and familiar with your partner.

Boost Your Sex Drive Through Aphrodisiacs

If your relationship is starting to plateau and you feel that you and your partner can use some gentle boost to keep the fire burning, everything is worth a try.

One aspect that you can work on is intimacy. You can achieve this by maintaining a strong bond and enhancing your sex life.

There are several things you can do to rekindle the fire in your relationship. For starters, you can start by going on a vacation or romantic date.

You may also spend some bonding time together at home preparing meals, having a good conversation over coffee or tea, or cuddling up in bed while watching a good movie.

On top of that, you can always try exploring foods that are known as powerful aphrodisiacs to increase your libido and heighten your sexual desire.

Spending quality time with your partner coupled with aphrodisiac foods can do wonders to your relationship and sex life.

Remember, when it comes to sex and intimacy, little efforts every now and then can sum up to something big.

And aphrodisiacs can go a long, long way in keeping you and your partner happy, healthy and satisfied with your sex life.